7.5 billion

inspired by this song

7.5 billion people on this earth, and less than 30% of them know Christ. Lately, I’ve been on an itch to share the love of  Christ as I’ve received it in my life over the past year. That’s actually why I started writing in the first place. A majority of my friends are not Christian, why isn’t God working in and through me to bring more people to Jesus. Why am I not being the hands and feet. I live in Northern Virginia, I am in the 13th biggest school system in the nation, I have to opportunity to live and love and spread Jesus,

but always at the last second, I coward out. Because out of those 7.5 billion people, I am only one. I am 0.0000000001% of the population, how am I supposed to spread this gift that I’ve been given.

Matthew 28:19 “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,” 

All nations seems like kinda a daunting task. Even one nation seems like a daunting task

Some statistics that make me feel really small

I am 0.000000003% of the United States

I am 0.0000001% of Virginia

I am 0.000001% of my county

I am 0.000043% of my town

I am 0.00037% of my school

but yet I am 100% me, and ready to change the world

Now, hold on, because you alone are not expected to change the whole world. Even Jesus had 12 people that helped him change the world, and even Jesus (as a human) himself couldn’t change the whole world. But how about letting one of your friends read one of these posts

Or inviting them to hang out with your Christian Friends

Or doing a service project at a neighborhood homeless shelter

Or retweeting a tweet with a bible verse

You may not have changed the world, you may not have even changed that person’s life, but you planted a seed.

Seeds are meant to take time to grow. No beautiful flower popped up moments after planting a seed. It takes months, years, and sometimes they don’t grow at all. There was a girl who I used to know, who hated Jesus, and wanted nothing to do with him, there was nothing she wanted less than to end up in a church, much less in a youth group. Then she did, and still hated it. I was devastated, because I wanted nothing more then to see this seed pop up immediately. We stopped being friends before I even got to see a seedling. A couple of months ago, I got a text from an unknown number, and it was the same girl. Her seed had planted, and she was ready to sprout. She had all sorts of questions, and wanted to know about Jesus. It took four years, and her seed finally grow.

Now, I’ll never know what it took for her seed to grow, but it did

7.5 billion people, and you are only one. But you are One, and one who is ready to spread the word and the light of Christ.

Don’t worry about being a world-changer right now, focus on being a seed planter.




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