I've never spoken these words out loud, and i'm not even sure who I would tell them to. because it's hard to realize you resent the very thing that brought you to Christ. Flashback to October of my sophomore year. The current prime of my life (i'm hoping there are more, but so far that… Continue reading resentment


dear Lord

Dear Lord, My soul is tired and my heart aches for you. I didn't know that is what my heart was aching for until I opened up my bible for the first time in 3 months. You see Lord, i've had a lot of letdowns in the church recently, all of which has selfishly made… Continue reading dear Lord

“Wonderful are YOUR works”

Sometimes, humans suck. The world tries to put us down, tell us we are not good enough. Too fat, too skinny, too bold, too quiet. Too loud or too soft spoken. Too much or too little. Someone, somewhere is always going to have a problem with the way we dress, or the way our hair… Continue reading “Wonderful are YOUR works”

“Where is God when I need him most?”

Loosely inspired by the Shack, and these two (uno) (dos) sermons "If you are who you say you are, where were you when I needed you?" "When all you see is your pain, you lose sight of me" God is always with me. I know that, and I can logically accept that. It makes sense,… Continue reading “Where is God when I need him most?”

dare to be the light

Ever since I've started to write, Jesus has been putting little clicks and clues around my life, and this one just happened to come from an instagram bio. There are words and phrases in the english language that are meant to stop us for a minute, to think. "Take that back" "Did you really do… Continue reading dare to be the light